No Smoking Day
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Non smiling people? What do you think?


I was replying to athread a while ago & found myself rambling abolut non smiling people :eek:

Let me explain, I am or try to be a happy, smiley friendly person. Odd I know. The last couple of days I have found my self smiling at a stranger on the path of life & be glared at like I am a complete & utter nutter.

While I appreciate to some I may look like I just got out the funny farm (lol) I really have not.

Does it really hurt to use some facial muscles & give them a tweak at another person?? I hope I don't look like a knife wielding, gun toting maniac.

Amswers on a postcard but pay your own postage LOL.

Takes a couple of seconds to smile, say goodmorning, how are you & it doesn't kill you either.

Ok, poll here - Am a raving nutter or not?????

Love. Gaynor xxx

Ps. Don't worry that if I don't like your answer I will stalk you (Heheheheh)

Not funny - I know :D Luvs ya all xxxx

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yes yes yes ... I try to keep smiling, I make small talk and I get a lot of flack back. I even got frowned at for smiling at someone's kid once!!

ah well, I try. Here's a smile for you :)


Are YOIU smiling???? I hope so

& a smile back for you jenJam :)

Even this thread has had no response so does that go to prove what I said :(

I do hope not, we can't be the only smiley people here I am sure???



Smiling is good and I wish folk did it more often. People over here are quite happy, but in Aberdeen where I'm from they're known as being the grumpiest dour-faced gits in the UK :S


:) im smiling :):):)


Big smiles back to.....

JenJam , Harley (LOL have to take you word on that) Lovely Mel & Chrissie -Sterophonics in bed? Shall have to try that one - where do you put your legs?

Gaynor xx


Morning! :)

I'm smiling cos it's FRIDAY!!!! Only 7.5 hours of that awful 4 letter word and I'm free for the weekend :) :)

And I'm meeting an old mate on Saturday then going to see the Super Furry Animals at Somerset House in the eve. I was pleased when I got the tickets cos it's an open air gig and I thought "great I can smoke". Now I'll have to avoid smokers. Ah well, I'd rather not smoke. Each time I see a smoker now I hear in my head the Daleks saying "we OBEY" ;)


Hi Gaynor and everyone :D

I'm also smiling :)

I do a lot more smiling now than I ever did before I quit :) :D

Life just keeps getting better and better


Marg xxxxxxxx


Big smiles to you all :D


Big smiles all round!!

:) Hi Gaynor, hi everyone, :)

Big smiles - It's Friday, the sun is shining (at the moment!), my holiday to France is less than two weeks away, AND I am a happy non-smoker.

:)Loads to smile about.:)



Love to smile myself,cant get enough of it:):):):)


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