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Over the moon

Just reached the next room on the way to the penthouse. Quit counter says..........

Gary - Free and Healing for Twenty One Days and 51 Minutes.

And doesn't it feel fantastic.

Had a couple of cravings this morning, but I don't care. I can see that I am headed in the right direction. Just have to stay focused and deal with each craving and has been said before the cravings do get fewer and fewer and a lot less of a problem. Its all about recognising them and staying strong.

Hope this is the right place to put this post.

Come on Caz I'm waiting..........


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21 days! Well done :) and yes it does get easier. Although I had 2 craves today, they're getting far shorter and easier to ignore.


Don't you worry gary I'm still here and my counter is saying 2 weeks tomorrow night. I've saved over £100 and not smoked 500+ fags and my kids have got to put up with me for 4 days longer :)

Hope you've got that cake waiting for me?

Carol xx


Hi Gary :D

Well done you 3 weeks already done and dusted bit hug for you

Glad to hear it's getting easier for you now

You sound so happy and positive like you're on cloud nine

You'll soon be counting months now


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Well done to you Gary, time will just fly by now for sure.

Love Gaynor xx


Well done Gary,

not long before you start counting in months :D

All the best



Hi Gary,

3 weeks quit is great,well done, soon it'll be a month. :D Stay strong.



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