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No Smoking Day
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Day 3 - woke up and it wasnt the first thing on my mind!

And I havent chewed a gum yet as wanted my breakfast first. A few days a go I would have skipped breakfast in favour for the cig.

Life is great. Already I have alot of energy. I dont have a fog about me.

I dont know if this is a coincidence or not by my hayfever is alot better and my morning back stiffness is also alot better............

Loving this....feel like a normal person with the other normal people in the world and not some sneaky secret smoker!

Wooo hoooo!!!!!!!!!!!! Bring it on!

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Hi Goodie :D

So pleased it's going so well for you on day 3 thar's great news

Also pleased your energy levels are up already and it may be that the hay fever has improved as well as the back stiffnes is because of the quit

Keep it going


Marg xxxxxxx



Ahhh so good to hear! I am so glad you are feeling so good on day 3. This will provide added momentum to your new life!




Someone smoked next to me

And I wasnt phased at all, just extra proud of myself for being a non smoker.

Thanks for your messages.

Still feeling great. Only had 4 gums today, just didnt feel the need. had them just incase though as the course is for 3 months, 8-12 a day.

Is it normal to not feel the need for them?



Hello there goodie!,

What motivation and joy we can read in you words!. This is great for you and i only wish i could say the same for me!:rolleyes: i too am on my third day but am very up and down. I cant wait for my bed time so that i will think of something else.... how sad!. I'm telling myself that tomoz will be better

One again, well done and keep at it!:D



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