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just read this and although it was nothing new, it was good to be reminded of it again. Posting in case any of this is not known to new quitters.

"Be sure and get plenty of rest as a tired mind is easier to betray. Also be sure and drink plenty of fruit juice the first three days (cranberry is excellent) to help stabilize blood sugar and don't skip any meals. Nicotine fed you with each puff by indirectly causing stored fats and sugars to be released into your blood. You may need to learn to spread your normal daily calorie intake out more evenly over your entire day. If you try skipping meals after ending all nicotine use you'll experience wild blood sugar swings and concentration difficulties that can making recovery miserable. Also, if you were a big caffeine drinker you need to know that nicotine doubled the rate at which caffeine was depleted by the body (203%). If you were not a big caffeine user you have nothing to worry about but if a heavy user (greater than 750mg. ) you'd be well advised to reduce your intake by roughly half but do not give up all caffeine as that can intensify recovery as well."

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yeah its funny what changes when you give up smoking - i dont normally like sweet things like cake and chocolate and stuff all that much when i smoke but last time i tried to quit I was just loving the stuff! I even phoned my Gran to find out how to make some of those flapjacks she used to make us when we were kids. I made an entire tray of it and ate the whole lot in a day. My god I was buzzing of the sugar like a crazy man!


Hi Bman :D

Very interesting post and it will be a massive help for everyone not just the newbies

I knew about the juice and water but not the coffee intake although I did reduce the amount I drank as found I got really dizzy after drinking more than around 4 mugs a day and I used to drink at least 6/7 a day more sometimes so thanks


Marg xxxxxxxxx


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