Starting my fourth month of freedom

Three months ago I decided to not smoke anymore.

I made this decision so that I could save money, improve my health, not be controled by an addictive chemical.

Now after 3 months I rarely even think about smoking, cravings only last a second and occur perhaps a couple of times a month.

When I see smokers I don't reminisce or miss smoking, I just pity them and feel sorry for them, rushing that last cigarette in the pouring rain before getting on the bus, huddled together in their ever decreasing anti social group outside pubs and clubs, polluting my fresh air.

Anyway enough anti smoking gibberish by a reformed smoker, how is the rest of the April quitters getting on?

3 Replies

  • Hi Natalie :D

    Well done on entering your 4th month as a non smoker



    Marg xxxxxxxxx

  • Hi Natallie,

    Great to see that you have completed a quarter of a year. CONGRATULATIONS.


  • Well done on your three months :)

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