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No Smoking Day
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Day 4 - Bring it on

Well, day 4 feels much, much better than day 3. Got a fuzzy head and feel like I've got flu but not nearly as done in as yesterday. Phew!! Had a little moment of panic this morning when on the way out to buy a packet of cigs I realized I didn't smoke anymore. The little voice was saying 'Just one and you'll feel better'. So I silenced it with half a jar of nutella and a spoon he he.

My worry now is getting over the weekend. We're off to a festival for my sister in law's 30th and it's gonna be tough tough tough. Can't get out of it, meeting lots of new people who are all going to be drinking, so I don't think I'm going to be able to avoid a couple of beers. Gotta be mega strong!!! Still, I guess the earlier I get into the habit of socializing without the weed the sooner I'll recondition my brain to accept it right?

Anyway, day 4, bring it on, feeling strong!!

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hi chris

well done you chris day 4 you doing well.

the festival i imagine will be a big test but you can get through it & just think how happy you will feel afterwards well done & good luck at weekend


Coping strategy

Hi Chris

Stayed with some peeps about 13 days after I stop smoking who smoke 50 or so a day, they were brilliant about it however; I still had to get some smoking strategies in place. If it got to much, I had already warned them that I'd be diving off, I also tried to be sensible on the drink. A pain, when the idea is to have fun, I know but I really didn't want to start again, I really didn't want to go through withdrawal again. Mentioned going to visit these peeps to a friend and their response (as a smoker was) that perhaps I was choosing the wrong time to give up, that another time would be better. I, after getting over being miffed at the lack of support, replied to say that over the course of the next 4 months there is always an excuse to put it off, weddings, festivals and weekends away - in short there isn't a good and never will be unless I suspend all life and live in a bubble.

The people I stayed with were concerned that their smoking would start me off again, had to be honest with them and me and say that if I started again it would be down to me and nothing they did. After all short of tying me up and forcing nicotine into me it would always be my choice.

Think about it this way - do you want to go through the last 3 days again - never take another puff.

You can do it - just remember you've quit.


So I silenced it with half a jar of nutella and a spoon he he.

you could always try beer with nutella ???

sorry couldn't resist, on a personal note the first time I went out for a beer as a non smoker (10 days now) was when i played pool, I managed to lose all my games and drink beer without succumbing, I did this by trying to remember how bad i felt on day 1 without a ciggy and not wanting to go through that again.

I hope this helps in some small way and I hope you can enjoy your festival and stay strong throughout.

Best Wishes




Falling Off The Wagon

Thanks chaps. Beer and Nutella Dave hehe? Well, despite all the great advice and warnings to heed, I fell off the wagon in full Buster Keaton fashion. I launched myself off the wagon head first and did a commando roll. Went to the festival, the beer was flowing and, well, I made an utter pig of myself and smoked a full deck.

So I'm back on day 4 after going through three day hell for the second time in 2 weeks. And to make matters worse I gave myself a horrible chest cold as a consequence of smoking 30 cigs after a week off (it must've been quite a shock to my poor lungs) and now I'm wheezing and hacking my way through the week like a ninety year old. Which does have one upside I suppose - I can't even think about smoking a cigarette. Not a clever move though.

Here we go again.


Hi Chris :D

Sorry to hear you fell of the wagon in such spextacular style

Don't beat yourself up to much about it but learn from this

Now just pick yourself up, dust yourself down and start again


Marg xxxxxxxx


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