Just wanted to say as I am very upset at the moment as I am sure many others are.

To a particular person - how do you think this all looks to any guests on here right now?

This is 99% a supportive site.

The only poison we have in our systems right now is from someone posting on here.

Go away & leave us decent folk alone.

To pass nasty comments about a persons deceased realtive is the lowest of the low.


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  • Ditto..............nice one gaynor and if any newbies are looking in this is not the norm.

    Carol x

  • Hi Gaynor

    Well said I think you are right and this has got really vicious now


    marg xxxxxx

  • I think the situation has been dealt with to the best of our ability and that the best thing for this forum and all the members is to get back to supporting each other with their quits

    I would like to ask all members leave this subject to lie now

    Many thanks

    Mod 2

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