No Smoking Day
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Good morning

Oh well on to day 11 ............ another day another battle. I'll be so glad when the day comes that I get up in the morning and it isn't such a battle. :(

I refuse to give in but I could sooooooo easily.

Double figures for you today passenger........well done. Hope you have a better day than yesterday.

Morning Marg............thanks for the party. Shame Chrissie couldn't make it.

Morning Chrissie.........Glad you still got your sense of cant lose that. I'm making a cherry cake today so I'll keep you a slice :)

Morning Gary.........hang onto that wine I'm sure there will be another party soon. Hide it under your stairs :)

Carol xx

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Hi Carol :D

You're doing great and on day 11 keep it up Big Hug

Hope you feel a bit better today

Yeah it was a shame Chrissie couldn't make the Party last night and that Passenger had to work also good to hear Chrissie has her sense of humour intact after yesterday

Have already told Gary to hang on to that wine for Friday huge bash for Nic getting to the Penthouse Cheltenham Town Hall no less my flat far to small for that one will put up a Post to remind everyone about it on Thurs


Marg xxxxxxxx


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