Goodbye Week3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well as of tomorrow I must leave week 3 and enter into week4!! Woot! I am pleased and excited but at times overwhelmed with how difficult it is! Other times I can't believe how many times I took a smoke and didn't really need it!

However I am having a lot of bloating and well I am quite gassy the last few days...anyone else have this? I am still getting some nicotine from the gum so I am surprised a little.



quit 7 Day 21

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  • Hi Hanna,

    Well done to you.

    I had the wind problem for a while but it soon settled. Found drinking less coffee & more water helped.

    Chewing gum will add more wind anyway LOL

    Keep strong, you are doing brilliantly.

    Love G. xx

  • No more withdrawal pangs after the 3rd week... Is it true? It's my only the 16th day. Looks like the addiction aren't going to stay with me any longer.

  • Hi Hanna :D

    Well done you entering week 4 that's great

    The bloated feeling and wind will settle down soon you just have to give your body time to adjust and heal itself after the abuse you gave it when a smoker

    Mungoose :D

    Well done on 16 days you're doing fine and yes withdrawal pangs shouls soon be gone although you may still get the odd thought of oh a fag about now would be nice type but easily got over

    But sorry you'll always be a addict as we all will we just must never feed it again and all will be well


    Marg xxxxxxxx

  • Go you!

    Congratulations HannaMarie on your fantastic achievements!

    Extra congratulations on your superb use of the word "woot".

    And my admiration for openly sharing tales of excess gas... I hope to avoid that symptom if at all possible ;)

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