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day 14 mmm funny day

hi all, i am slowly creeping into week 3, it is a very strange feeling.. these last couple of weeks have felt quite a long time when i look back on them, but at the same time dosnt seem that long ago... today(due on, tummy ache bad moods) dosnt help...

was walking n talking with a smoker today who was smoking!! HOW DARE they... no not seen the fella in a while & he wud prob have no idea that i had quit.. didnt have the heart to tell him otherwise with him having problems of his own......of which i was kind of glad to talk to him after a speeding car came from nowhere after i stepped into the road to cross it (toddler in pram) . the car breaked so hard he swerved a bit & the car screeched (now how fast must he have been going IDIOT) shook me up a bit then needed a fag... needed a fag again after tea... needed a fag again tonight..

today for some reason i was feeling deprived, kind of straight into sulk mode (eg a fag would cheer me up) the sensation of smoking, lighting the fag, inhaling the fag n blowing out the smoke!!! anyway its just a stupid thought that kept entering my stupid head...just a THOUGHT that kept creeping in quite often today A THOUGHT i kept saying just a THOUGHT!!! boo

But tomorrow is another day.. i will be in week 3 i am so proud today has been bit tough.. been eating like a pig (oink oink)

thanks for listening x

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Hi KitKat :D

Big Hug as you enter week 3 well done you

Sorry you felt really rough yesterday but you got through it and each time you get a little stronger and it gets that little bit easier even if it sometimes doesn't feel like it and one day you'll wake up and realise heh I feel great Promise

Sorry also about that close shave with a speeding car can imagine how you felt after that one but still you didn't cave

So you're obviously much stronger than you think you are Well done


Marg xxxxxxxx


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