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No Smoking Day
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help please

hi well its been 6 months and not a drag of a fag at all, i do feel great but,,,, im still hungry all the time and i have gained nearly 2 stone in 6 months. I so dont like that and i feel not myself anymore. I try to eat good food i can eat like 5 apples a day to help fill my tummy up but it just dont work:( i was alway so small and could eat what i like when i like but now i feel really guilty when i eat and its begining to really get me down:(

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Hi There

I have gained 2 stone in less than 6 months so really sympathise. However, I also have an underlying problem of an overactive thyroid which should in theory have kept my weight low. I believe that the giving up smoking may have an impact on my increased dosage and will be going back to the docs this week to make sure I am on the correct dose.

Is it worth popping to your docs and to check out your bloods just in case there is another reason for your gain such as an over/under active thyroid which which is quite common in ladies.


hi linbeauty

Its the same for me, always hungry but the one thing that works for me is excercise and loads of it. I can still eat what I want but then I burn it off, its better than worrying, we do enough of that about not smoking without starting on the no eating :confused:

good luck


Hi Linbeauty :D

First well done on 6 months quit that's great Big Hug

I also put on a lot of weight when I quit but it will start to come off again now at 6 months mine started to come off again as my body stabilised after quitting and I'm now nearing my prequit weight again

If you're worried about this do go to the Dr and get checked out as nogarD suggests I had all my bloods checked and they were fine so probably just the quit for you as well


Marg xxxxxxxxx


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