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so onto week three!!

So heading into week three. Can honestly say,i didn't think that i would get here!! My biggest worry about quitting was the thought of the cravings. Last time i quit, i had terrible stomach pains, but this time round with the Microtabs, it has been so much better!! I don't really get cravings as such now, but still "want" a fag, just out of habit though,!!

tired all the time, all i seem to do is sleep! Cant seem to muster any enthusiasm to do a lot. :(

but am so pleased that i am now smoke free, can sit with smokers, and just "feel sorry for them"" that sounds awful, but so pleased, i am now longer a slave to the demon!!:D

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Yeah welcome to week3!

Excellent!! Glad you made it to week 3!!

I know I sit with smokers and think......I wish you knew how much you really don't "have" to smoke. I hope for smokers that they will come to realize their head isn't going to pop off if they don't succumb to smoking. It is hard to understand this...I remember thinking I culdn't live without my smokes, it is so nice to know I can!

Keep up the good work........your energy will return...with a vengence!


quit 7: day 20: 39 year old mom of 4: 24 yr ex-smoker 20-30 a day.


Hi Tiamaria :D

Well done you getting to week three soon be counting months now

Being tired all the time is normal this early in your quit but it will go Promise and your energy levels will get better as well


Marg xxxxxxx


champix withdrawal ??

Hallo Marg - I am also using Champix, am on day 22 (miracle)

did you get any side effects from champix while you were taking them and also when you finished the course?


Hi Nomoresmoking :D

Well done you on 22 days quit that's great Big Hug

I didn't really have any side effects from champix was a little dizzy/light headed for a few days and felt sick with the morning one but just moved it back a bit and was fine after that

I didn't take the complete course as kept forgetting to take them for 2/3 days at a time so stopped after 9 weeks and had no problem with that either


Marg xxxxxxxxxx


well done tia maria

great news tia maria, youre gonna have to pull me along , youre one day in front & i feel kind of crap today.. cant wait to start pitying smokers at the moment still battling with the envy side of it xxxx


Hi KitKat :D

Sorry you had a rough day yesterday and hope today is easier for you

The envy bit will go Promise


Marg xxxxxxxxx


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