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Hello new roomies

Hi all day 15 here had a really tough challenge last night as i went to my girlfriends dads 50th birthday party.I really found it hard because i had that theres something missing feeling and i noticed i drink alot faster now.Then later as i walked to the beer shed and someone was smoking a cigar which smelt really nice. I woke up this morning and i am really happy that i did not smoke and that i am now in week 3:D Though was wondering will drinking ever be the same? Will i always feel like something is missing?

Grrrr i hate them nicotine demons:mad:

How is everyone?

lee x

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Hi Lee :D

Into week 3 that's great Big Hug for you

Also well done last night for not giving in and no to answer your question you won't always feel something is missing when you have a drink and it won't be as difficult next time for you

You should be proud of yourself this morning


Marg xxxxxxxx


Well done Lee I am well proud of you :)



Great job!! I know what you mean about drinking faster.....when I was out I downed 6 glasses of wine in about 1 1/2 hours. Lets just say I didn't feel too good when I got home! But when I am at home having a brew I don't feel something is missing because I am usually busy with other things.

I will say not feeling groggy and hung over in the morning is a real plus about not smoking when you drink! Not smelling like an ashtray in the morning!



Well done Lee

Week 3 and managed to go out to a party too. Congrats.



Thanks everyone day 15 has been a good for me today...Just hoping tomorrow will be as good as today

lee x


well done you

how brilliant that you went out & was near a cigar .. now that is willpower, I think id have freaked... you should be vvvvvv proud well done x im just behind you day 14 (i declined a night out last night ) i honestly dont think i could have done it :)


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