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Men!!!!!!!!!! Give me strength!!!!!!!

I dont believe it..................took my son out to the shops as he wanted to get something for his computer. Hubby decides he will drive but we will take my probs there......get to the shop and back and turning into the drive he takes it too wide and scratches right along my car :mad: So what does he do????????? He laughs and says sorry and that he needs a fag and goes off round to the back garden (I have banned him from smoking in the house since I gave up). HE NEEDS A FAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE NEEDS TO LEARN HOW TO DRIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now if I had done that to his car .........hahahahahaha blood would have been spilt.

Carol x

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thats men for u,id scratch my keys on side of his car and say..oops sorry darling,not HAVING A FAG made me bit clumsy.they dont make it easy on us do they ...cccc.hang in there caz,lock him out of the house so he can have his fags to calm him down lol but dont let him get to u xxxxx


Hi Carol :D

Guessing here but I'd say hubby well and truly in the dog house at the moment

As you say blood would have been spilt at the very least if you'd done that to his car but he laughed and said he needed a fag when he damaged yours arghhhhhhhhh


Marg xxxxxxxxx


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