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To control over-eating

Everyone's allowed to over-eat at least a wee bit during the first week but for those folk who are looking to control their eating habits a bit and/or lose weight now that we can breathe check out this site. It's free and has a good support community and good tools for logging food/activity and weight. Just thought I'd post it here since there's a lot of people worried about gaining weight and overeating. I'm using it so add me as a friend, username harleyquine :cool:

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Yes me too................I felt so ill last night from overeating. It really was nasty :D

Carol x


Yeahh I know how you both feel. I really believe that when a person overcomes their addiction to nicotine overcoming anything else is a piece of low-fat cake ;) I am addicted to chocolate.. so now it's time to do something about that too.. :S


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