No Smoking Day
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nearly 1 week whooohoooo

Jees first weekend of being a non smoker brilliant.Day 11 of champix today and day 6 since my last ciggy.Been on annual leave regarding work and back today this going to be hard as usually take breaks sitting smoking in the shelter so not quite sure what im gonna do with my time instead,looks like its another lovely day so might make a packed lunch and sit on the beach and eat it.Have noticed that i have this terrible urge to chew think its the champix and i read on here lollies help so gonna buy a packet on my way to work.Well have a nice day peeps ill keep you posted xx

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i read on here lollies help

Well done on your six days madaka, nearly a week, get your first full week over then time will fly by. I have a stock of lollies (Chupa Chups) they're supposed to be sugar free. Let us all know how you're getting on. David


Very well done to you.

i remember my first week as being such an ahievement!

and it really was a testing time for me.

once you have completed a week, you do think that just 'maybe' you can actually do this!

keep going

it gets easier OK





WOO HOO!!!!! Well done on week 1 - it does get easier :)

The need to chew - yeah, sometimes i find that, even when not having a fag craving. Be careful of the sugar free stuff though, chewing too much has a nasty effect on the tummy :(. Sometimes I just chew on a plastic straw.


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