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DAy 9 champix 4 days since quit

Hi there how is every1.Well today ive reached day nine of my champix course and its been 4 days since i had a smoke.Very hot in Hastings today so went for a stroll along beach and enjoyed fish and chips on the seafront,bumped into family members who sat chatting and lighting up all around me big tester but i was amazed to find that i really werent bothered and the smell was just awful.My mother in law even offered me a ciggie which i was peed ff about as she knows how hard i wanna kick this but felt some sort of achievement when i replyed rather quickly no thanks im not gonna ruin all my hard work. My mouth feels ever so dry and had a real bad headache this evening but not sure whether its this heat or due to upping the dosage of champix.Well im back at work on monday and not sure how ill cope there as on a normal work day soon as lunch arrive i dash to the smokers area and thats where one normally stays for the entire hour lol.Speak soon peeps xxxx

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Congrats Madaka!

Refusing that cig when offered one is the greatest thing you could ever do. You've succeeded, now all you have to do is repeat the task--trust me, it will get easier each time you repeat it until there is no effort to it at all--the only effort will be staying around all those people puffing away.

You did well, and again, congratulations.


Quit: 17 October 2007 (only 4 months until the 2 year date!)

Method: Cold Turkey

Slips: None


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