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Not such bad news after all!

NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

OK so Brother in law and sis have been away for a few days and returned yesterday. There was a meeting to discuss his treatment etc while he was away but the consultant was on holiday and has also just returned.

OK so now the consultant says the doctor that ordered the MRI scan was out of order, at this point in treatment the brain is too inflamed to give a true picture and when they initially operated they didn't manage to remove the whole tumour, so its not grown back. So in the consultants view the MRI scan was rather useless but looks exactly as he would have expected and nothing has changed!!

Well that was a week worrying that the end was neigh, and actually it seems that there is not greater or lesser cause for concern. Grrrrrrh! What a numpty, well that's the polite response anyway.

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Hi Nic,

I am so glad to hear that things are not as bad as first thought.

Cheers to the doc who has needlessy put you all through hell, bloody idiot.

Love Gaynor xx

That sounds so much better. So glad to hear this. Hopefully you will have more good news in close future!

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