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Back on Day 1

Hi All

Well I got to 3 weeks, and started smoking again. Really angry with myself, but I have learned a valuable lesson....Once you stop...Never have '1 last cigarrette' no matter how drunk you get!. I ended back on 20 a day and have been for nearly two weeks....I have to say the feeling I had when I quit the first time is back and even stronger so today is day 1....So far I have gone CT. I have stocked up on inhilator re-fills but so far I have no desire for one. I know if I do get a bad pang I will use the inhilator but trying not to for now.

So I am smoke free again...feelin positive and determined to break the chain. Best wishes everyone and stay smoke free!


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Congrats on quitting :D It's a nice feeling to finally break the chain by learning from past experiences isn't it? Good luck!


Get to know Your Enemy and Never Take Another Puff

That brought to mind Know Your Enemy by Rage Against the Machine. Go check it out on youTube and dance :D dancing gets hormones flowing and has helped me in my quit. I was gonna go do something useful now but got stuck reading this forum :S


Hiya darling...

hey to be honest i have a relatively stress-less life with no kids or partner on my back...BUT

i am in the week three predicament at the moment and today when it started to rain, the devil nearly done what he did to you young lady!

i had to get on here chrissie my savour got me sorted, then i had to sit down more or less in a ball and grind the fire out of my soul...

then the sun came out and i then jumped on my bike and went for it...

released all my flames on those pedals, shouted, grunted...

god one of the hardest days of my life.

you guna let this stink beat you?are you weak?

i am weak too, but i don't like being beaten...AT ALL!





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