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Day 8 on champix 3rd day of quit

Well up bright and early this morning as have a job interview,cravings last night were very bad ive resorted to popping up to the bathroom and cleaning my teeth everytime i feel the cravings are getting too much,Thinking with all this teeth cleaning and hopefully no fags my teeth will be glowing white in no time.I have just taken the first 1mg tablet after reading all about these tabs in a way im a bit scared but have told family and friends to keep an eye on me.Well todays a tester with me being very nervous about this interview keep saying to myself come on dawnie you can beat this but have to admit it is damn hard.Will post later have a good day peeps xxx

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Hope the interview goes well. Well done on day 3.

I had problems on the 0.5mg but once I moved up to the 1mg apart from some indigestion I have been fine. Try not to worry.

Good luck



hi madaka67

welcome to the forums!

This place is cool.

I have found that listening to / reading "allen carrs easy way to stop smoking" when I was ready to stop smoking, put me in a really great positive and powerful state of mind to stop smoking.

It was a pleasure -truly.

however I also found that stopping is not that much of a problem compared to staying stopped

So, whenever and i'll say rarely i do feel like a smoke,

I jump on these forums or find someone in the real world to help- or explain how I have found freedom, like how alocoholics and drug addicts can stay recovered by helping each other to a solution,

I love being a non-smoker:)

All the best


Yo my friend welcome to the church.:cool:

when your weak come into the church and pray.

mate with or without chanpicx this ent guna be easy.

it ent guna be easy at all, so don't kid yourself.

it will be the best thing you have ever done in your life.

every day you get up a non-smoker.

everyday you will feel like a winner.

the other day i sat on a bench in town and watched smokers.

they sat down happy as anything-pulled out their tabs smoked them, then near the end they started to get less happy, then they made a funny face at the end and stubbed it out.

very interesting to watch...

smart people don't smoke, thats what i have noticed too.






He, he, that's a great ****ogy - the Church!

And it all makes sense because quitting is a truly soul-searching, positively spiritual experience.


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