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Happy days completed 4 calender months

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Good Morning all,

I've not posted on here for a while. I have now completed 4 calender months well just over. I have had a few iffy days, I wont give in though I have some really good arguments with myself and I always win lol :)

I still take 1 day at a time and I know it is still early days. I've been to the dentist and I have to say my teeth look fab well pleased.

I have had a few compliments on my skin which is nice and makes me feel good.

I've started biking and I quite enjoy it my hubby does it with me, funny we do so much more stuff together since I stopped smoking.

I pop on here every once in a while to see how everyone is doing and it's nice to see that most are doing well.




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Hi Dolly :D


4 months is great Big Hug for you

Keep right on arguing with yourself and winning you're doing great

It's nice that you and hubby are doing more thngs together now as wll including the biking


Marg xxxxxxxxxx

Hi DollyDreamer,

Congratulations to you :D

Big hugs, Gaynor xx

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NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Well done you that's fab!!

It must be becoming more normal to be a non smoker now.

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Deke9 Years Smoke Free

Hi Dolly,

CONGRATULATIONS on 4 months completed. Excellent achievement.:D

Stay strong


Congratulations Dolly on 4 calendar months plus :)

I am 4 calendar months today :)

We are one third of the way to this proverbial penthouse :D

congratulations dolly :)

Thanks everyone it's great to get positive feedback, it makes you want to succeed and I will big (((((((hugs))))))) to you all




Hi Michael :D


4 months for you as well that's great keep it going


Marg xxxxxxxxxxx

Miss dreamer! Missed it as I was too interested in enjoying the sun and drinking pimms! Well done you! Soon we will be half way to the penthouse" xxxxx

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