Day 11 and NRT woes

Hiya everyone, hope you're all well. Mornings are still being bad to me and I woke up a couple of hours ago and did all of my morning things to help me get going. The past two days I've cut my patch in half but have found that I'm crankier and can't get anything done, dunno if it was a combination of half a patch and the flu or what. Anyways today I've slapped on a whole patch and told myself that it's only day 11 and that I don't want to fail in my quit just because I tried to come off the patches too early. That really got me thinking though.. I've had Easyway for a couple of years now and in the past it has spurred me on to quit cold turkey. I've started reading it again this morning to strengthen my quit but all it's doing is making me feel lousy cos I'm using patches and according to him it's so easy to go cold turkey and I should not be using any type of NRT. I want to be free from nicotine but I also want to build up my confidence till I believe that I can live as a non-smoker before I come off the patches but at the same time I don't want to be hooked on the patches and end up giving away my hard earned cash to the NRT companies instead of the tobacco ones. Maybe I should stop thinking about it and go take the dog for a walk or something. That's the only morning thing I haven't done yet and no doubt it'd do me the power of good. Sorry for me ranting, didn't have internet most of yesterday and my fingers have been building up to it :D hope you're all having a good day and smelling and tasting lots of nice things (oh yeah and I'm overeating.. :S).


I quit smoking on Wednesday 10th of June 2009 at 04:00 PM and have been free for 11 days, 20 hours and 59 minutes. I have not smoked 237 cancer-sticks and have saved 45.03 as well as gaining 43 hours of life.


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  • well i may sound a little one sided...

    and everyone has there own way of quitting.

    but i've personally used patches, and i doesn't make sense totally.

    i mean i understand the logic behind reducing the dosage etc...

    but i honestly think you should BURN the hell out of those patches and everything associated with nicotine!

    it's a physiological thing...your thinking well i'am getting my nicotine, so why don't i just smoke instead!

    don't give any more money to those companys, spend the money on, orange juice, herbal teas, vitamins or a gym membership if you have to!

    love jamie


  • it's a physiological thing...your thinking well i'am getting my nicotine, so why don't i just smoke instead!

    Hiya jamiestars :) I'm not actually thinking that. I am loving the benefits of not having smoked my chest feels a million times better and am loving my new sense of smell and taste. I guess I'm just getting to the blah stage where I've gotten used to my new senses and I should keep in mind that if I were smoking still or if I smoked now then all of that would be taken away from me. At the same time I wish I were one of those people (like many on here) who have just quit cold turkey and are keeping going. Unfortunatly I tried that many times and did not succeed because despite what Mr Carr says, there are physical side-effects to withdrawl from nicotine and me using the plasters now has proved it to me. This quit I've been feeling great about quitting and have not suffered from weird hormone fluctuations (laughing/crying at the same time and going into hysterics cos I didn't want to go to the shop) or the lack of concentration which made it difficult to work and I needed to be on the ball then cos I was a caring for a severly disabled girl. See and I'm writing a lot again :D helps my fingers. Easyway is a great book and really does put things into perspective but it alone just doesn't work for me.

  • sorry, i didn't read it properly!:o

    well your doing really great anyway!

    god you write a lot!


    love jamie


  • Hehehe yeah I do. I type faster than I can talk so it all sort of bleughhhhssss out of my fingers. I feel better just being able to type on here, it helps :D have a nice day ;)

  • You too Harley...





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