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Week 2 almost over ... feels like 2 MONTHS!

Hello all

I'm new round here, been lurking and reading posts, and decided to join up in order to keep up my resolve to never smoke again, not even one drag, nothing, nada, zilch. I gave up smoking for 16 months, from May 2004 to Sept 2005, but thought "oh, it's OK, I can just have one" but ha ha of course I can't. Since then I tried to quit twice more, this time I MEAN it.

My reasons for quitting are:

1. I've got into cycling and find it's easier if I don't smoke

2. I got fed up with having to break off from a cycle ride to have a smoke.

3. I got fed up with the sore throat EVERY morning

4. I got fed up with laughing often leading to a coughing fit

5. Some of those coughing fits meant I had to sit or lie down - scarey!

6. I just cannot be bothered to acomodate smoking into my life, it's too much of a hassle. Having to pop out for a smoke, getting everywhere 10 minutes early to fit in a smoke, asking people to "hang on a tick" while i had a smoke, wasting my lunchbreak at work on smoking, now I go for a walk or go swimming instead.

7. I'm going to be 40 in a year and a half. If I remained a smoker the health risks were getting bigger and bigger.

8. I was getting fed up with the smell of my hands. i didn't realise this until I quit, but now I like that my hands don't smell. I put on nice scented handcream nowdays.

9. I used to be into diets and all that, these days I follow Intuitive Eating. It asks you to rate how food makes your body feel, the idea being if you really listen to your body you will naturally eat a healthy, varied diet. I won't go on about it here, it can be googled. But I was having trouble listening to my body, all it was saying is "I CAN'T BREATHE!!!!"

10 Finally, since I gave up diets my aim hasn't been "slim" but "health". If I were to continue to smoke I would not be honouring that commitment to health at all.

I quit on Sunday June 7th. I used nicotine patches for a week, then decided to go it alone. Last time I gave up I used patches and it worked very well, this time I just felt like it was the right thing to do.

The past almost 2 weeks have felt VERY long. It feel like I gave up 2 months ago, not 2 weeks. I've had cravings pretty much every day. I've eaten a lot of Mars bars, but I'm not worried about weight gain, I know this overeating will settle down and I do quite a bit of exercise anyway. (well, I'm doing the London to Brighton bike ride this Sunday)

I just wanted to pop in, say hello and I did have one question to ask, if that's OK. Since I quit my nose has been quite bloody. I haven't had a nosebleed as such, just blood. Has anyone else encountered this? I realise anything here isn't medical advice, to be honest if I find at 4 weeks quit my nose is the same I'm seeing the doc, but for now just wondered if anyone else had this?

Thanks for reading all and apologies for the long post.

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Good Morning

I stopped 12 days ago. sounds like you have lots of great reasons to stop, and you have thought lots about it. I have found this the longest 12 days of my life, however yesterday was the first day i managed to go a couple of hours without thinking about a giant B&H sitting next to me! so i reckon that in a couple more days i will be able to go maybe a whole afternoon without thinking about cigs, and if the price of being a non-smoker is a very long boring couple of weeks then that is a small price to pay.;) don't know anything about nose problems but guess that someone will.

BTW i stopped on the same day as you lets see if we can help each other through the hard times and share and enjoy the good.



Hi Jenjam :)

Welcome to the forum and well done on the decision to quit possibly one of the most important you will ever make and you will be losing nothing but you will regain control of your life and that has to be good

You will find all the help and support you need on here as we all help each other just like a family we are here for you every step of the way cheering the good days and sympathiseing with the bad but the good far outweigh the bad

Read the posts on here you will find a lot of tips and advice and in the signatures of a lot you will find links to other sites just click on them Here are 2 I find very good to start you off and Read, read and then read some more as the more you read and learn about why you smoked and about your addiction the easier your quit will be

Almost 2 weeks is great well done and you have a lot of very good reasons there as well Sorry the time is dragging abit I think it's because we all don't realise just how much time we spent smoking

As for the bloody nose I don't recall anyone mentioning that before but lots of us get really runny noses when we quit

Good luck on Sunday and please let us know how it goes for you

Post often to let us know how you're doing, to rant, rave have a moan whatever you like pretty much anything goes on here OK

Best Wishes

Marg xxxxxxxx


thank you :)

thank you all for the replies, much appreciated. I'm finding it quite hard in week 2, not as hard as the first few days but still not a bed of roses. The support means a lot.

Bev - yep we're on the same days. i read some of your other posts and was nodding my head all the way though :) I'll hold you up if you'll hold me up :)

Marg thank you for the links. I had already looked round WhyQuit, it prompted me to give up the patch as wel as the fags, those videos are fantastic!!! Just what I need, I didn't realise they were there - thank you

CJM - thank you too, I suspect my nose might be a bit bloody as I have been having regular coughing fits. hey ho, as I understand it these too will pass. One thing's for sure - going back to smoking won't help in the slightest.

It feels good to have a place where there are loads of us going through the same thing. I'm quitting alone, my husband has said he will do soon, I know I can't nag him into it, there are no friends who've quit with me either so it's good to have some quit buddies online :)



so we have a plan, a simple plan, i will not smoke and u will not smoke. if i feel like crap u will pull me through and when u feel crap i will pull u through, God it sounds so easy! lets hope it is

Going out now but will be back later, this site is really helping, don't know why it just is.



Hi JenGam congrates on your quit. I suffered from a bloody nose for about 3 weeks from quitting. Dont mean pouring blood just blood when I blew my nose. It all settled down at around the one month mark.

Congrates again you are doing brilliant :)


thank you Mel

Phew -glad to hear it's not just me. Funny enough, since this moring there seems to be less blood. It's just like you said - not a nosebleed but blood flecks on nose blowing plus (sorry to be graphic) bloody bogies. I'll wait and see, if it's still going on after week 4 I'll go see the doc.

Had another craving or 2 today, but I just KNOW smoking isn't going to satisfy it. I have no more nicotine in me, why will me stupid brain not get it that the fags ARE NOT COMING BACK EVER and stop asking me for one!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!:mad:


Hi Jenjam :D

You're very welcome, glad you found the links useful and helpful to you The more you read and learn the easier it will be for you

It takes a little while to get your head round but when you do it will suddebly all click together for you and you'll be well away

Look in other signatues as well there are loads of different links to be found and they'll all help you with this


Marg xxxxxxxxxx


Hey JenJam, welcome to the forum and great job on 2 weeks! (Congrats to Bevyorks as well :)) Time seemed to stand still for me as well in the beginning.... thinking about fags all day and being frustrated about it is all I can remember.... BUT it's going to get easier soon and trust me, time will start flying by soon enough again!! Everything will fall back into place!!! You are doing great!!


Day 14 dawns and it's getting better

I got here. I had a meltdown last night. My hubby is still smoking, and although he only smokes outside (we haven't smoked indoors for ages, so the house doesn't smell) it's hard to watch him rolling a fag (I was into rollies) and going outside for it. Plus he smells. And I can see the ashtrays outside, the lighters on the shelf by the back door, his tobacco out on the table ARGH!!!

Last night I burst into tears and asked him to hide it all. I've asked if he could go right up the end of the garden to smoke instead of on the patio. I feel trapped indoors by his smoking. He intends to give up himself, at the moment he's building his motivation.

So this morning it was nice to lie in bed, feeling how comfy the matress is, without having to get up to serve the nicotine bully. Just had a teeny craving while I typed this, but it went pretty quickly. Going to head out to get some posh brekkie grub from Waitrose in a minute. Now I can taste it better, may as well splash out (and I've got a £25 voucher for them).

I want to keep busy today, got to get up at 6am tomorrow to go on the London to Brighton bike ride. i certainly won't want to smoke on that! Might go for a swim too, something to expand my lungs, feel the benefit and pass some time.

Still coughing .... not much coming out but I know the cough will go in time. I'm glad I watched the video on Why Quit about smoking dreams. I don't have dreams I smoke, but most mornings when I do wake up I feel as if I have smoked. I can taste it in my throat, I was glad I watched that vid to know it's all normal. At one point I thought I was sleep smoking! :eek:

OK, gonna keep on trucking .... Bev hope you're made it through another day with me too ... take care all :)


Hi JenJam :D

Sorry you had a rough time last night and well done on 2 weeks that's great

Don't worry about the crying OK getting emotinal is all part of the quit it will pass Promise

You sound much happier today as well

Good luck with the Bike ride tomorrow


Marg xxxxxxxxx


yeah the nose thing is quite nose felt like id had some surgery done on it the last few days.aswell as a bloody nose i also had bloody teeth:(

your on the road to freedom, freedom from the most powerful drug in the world!

your new life is in front of you, you can just about see it now!

keep going babe!




Oh thank goodness - you also have got the whole blood in nose thing going on? I thought my body was going for broke there for a while!


haha 'going for broke':rolleyes:

yeah the wonder drug also hardens your gums...hence the blood.

love love love


keep going damn it!!!



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