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Champix question

Hi all

I'm from New Zealand but somehow end up on a uk site but arh well haha. Day 2 on champix, no dramas with it yet, Had a pretty awesome dream last night, about the only side affect.

Just a quick question, I found the first pill to give me a litle "high" so to speak and made me look forward to taking the 1mg pills. I have an addictive personality and have previous drug problems. Just wondering if anyone has found them selves taking more than the prescribed dose...? And whats it like coming off them, doctor didnt really tell me anything. Are you spose to wean yourself off...? Cold turkey off the pills i fear might be a liltte harsh

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Hi Freedomoker :)

Welcome to the forum and well done on the decision to quit possibly one of the most important you will ever make and you will be losing nothing but you will regain control of your life and that has to be good

You will find all the help and support you need on here as we all help each other just like a family we are here for you every step of the way cheering the good days and sympathiseing with the bad but the good far outweigh the bad

Read the posts on here you will find a lot of tips and advice and in the signatures of a lot you will find links to other sites just click on them Here are 2 I find very good to start you off and Read, read and then read some more as the more you read and learn about why you smoked and about your addiction the easier your quit will be

I also used Champix as an aid to quit and found it really good and the dreams are common for us quitters

You say you have an addictive personality and had a high after taking them and looking forward to the 1mg dose you also ask has anyone taken more than the prescribed dose please DO NOT take more than the dose you're supposed to take

I'm assuming that your Dr knows about your previous drug problems ?????

Don't woory about coming off them yet but I found that really easy as well and stopped them after 8 weeks, that's one week smoking and 7 quit I kept forgetting to take them so just stopped them and had no problems at all

But Please if you do find yourself desperately wanting to tkes more of them go back to your Dr and tell him about it you must know how dangerous it could be to take more of any drug than you're told to

Post often to let us know how you're doing, to rant, rave have a moan whatever you like pretty much anything goes on here OK

Best Wishes

Marg xxxxxxxx


Hi margareth :D

Wow what an awesome welcome post, that was great!!

Well I hadn't actually told my doctor as I have just moved to a new town an didn't really feel comfortable with this doctor yet. But don't worry I'm pretty well in control of my life these days and im striving for that complete an utter freedom from all addictive and controling things hence why im giving up smoking. :cool:

I started smoking when I was 11 and im now 22 so the 10 year mark has really been daunting over me, ive tried to quit about 3 times cold turkey, which never lasted long and I had 6 months success with allen carrs book "Easy way". I think the main reason i was keen to take the 1mg pill was i could instantly feel what the drug was about, and how it was going to work, I was keen to get the show on the road. But it got me to thinking, Ive been doing a fair bit of reading on this champix as my doctor failed to give me any info at all, he basically said theirs no side effects at all I wont notice a thing. You all have probably have noticed the "suicidle thought behavior developing from champix" posts?? maybe these people are taking more than just 2 tablets a day. I mean, you can see how easyily it could happen, I have a prescription to get as much as i want for 8 weeks.. Im pretty confident i will be perfectly fine, was just thinking about maybe 4 weeks in, your minds getting dependent on the substance to release the "happy chemicals", you have a bad day and when usually u'd smoke more, instead u want to take more pills. I just wanted to know if thats happen to anyone...

Thanks for any info much apreciated



hi reece - welcome to the board and congratulations on your decision -

i've got one of the most addictive personalities as well and although theres a risk that you can do stupid things with any drugs or medicines that you control yourself I have personally found that champix doesnt prompt you to take more than you should. I have felt a tendancy to think about taking more than the dose required on one or two occasions but thats just a frustration on wanting the cravings to go away.

Id suggest giving it a shot and if you find yourself tempted to take more than you should then stop and go back and see the doc.

good luck mate - to be honest ive found champix to be revolutionary in helping me quit and this forum is a great support as well,

all the best,



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