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Cheeep cheep, Day 7

Well this morning I got up and stuck on my last patch from that box which means... it's day 7 already!! The past 7 mornings I've been a cranky bitch till I get my patch on and it starts to help.. after the patch is on I'm perfectly fine for the rest of the day then take it off at night. I dunno whether the patch was/is a bit strong for me (shouldn't be though since I smoked the strongest fags out there) but whatever, it's working. It has never been this easy before and I keep saying to myself that it will never be this easy again.. so I may as well enjoy it and keep on swimmin.

Benefits this week:

Sense of smell and taste are back and I'm getting to taste things properly for the first time since I was 12. I love being on my scooter and smelling the flowers on the hedgerow (dog poop from the hedgerow is not so pleasant :).

I've been quite hyper and active keeping my adrenaline up. If you're getting in a slump try sticking on your favourite songs, pulling down the blinds and jumping like an idiot to the music. It works wonders :P

I'm loving the energy I have, I love the smells and tastes and I love the feeling inside my chest that it's healing and recovering from years of abuse.

Thank you all for the support and for not having a word count on these posts so I can just blah blah blah about absolutely everything! See ya in week 2 :D

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Hi Harleyquine :D

You're doing great and on day 7 already keep it up

Pleased to hear that you're already feeling the benefits and there will be lots more to come


Marg xxxxxxxxx


hey harleyquine -

really glad your doing well - hadnt heard from you in a few days so was wondering if you were still going but glad you are.. i found yesterday really hard my body is just shutting down at the moment. Im seeing this as a good thing as its obviously under a massive healing process.

dunno if youve see these but they really helped me yesterday

congrats on doing so well,



Well done with your quit Harleyquine:) You are doing great


Hi Harleyquine

Well done that's a whole week already. Don't cut down your posts I love reading them.



Well done you!

Its nice reading these new quit posts, it makes me remember all over again how I discovered I could taste and smell nice stuff so soon after quitting!


Mmmm chocolate. I just had my first square of my favourite chocolate for the first time since my taste buds started working again. It's even better than I thought it was before. I survived some difficult triggers today. My friend smokes and I used to enjoy smoking with her. She moved house today so I was helping with all the moving. She was smoking of course and although the stale smoke smell on her was pretty minging while she was actually smoking the smell was slightly tempting so I just stepped to the side a little bit (luckily almost everyone smokes outside here and not inside) and that was that :) This Friday is midsummer which means lots of boozing. With my trusty patch on my arm I should get through it. I feel like going jogging tomorrow morning.. have never done it before and will be more likely to do myself an injury rather than improve my fitness. Still you never know till you try. Night night everyone and hope you all have a nice smoke-free day tomorrow. Oh yeah.. and I'm gonna cut a patch in half tomorrow just to see the effect of less nicotine and whether it'll be alright to cut it down already (can't go buy fags unless I want to walk for 45 minutes so I should be safe :p) zzzzZZZzzzzz


(can't go buy fags unless I want to walk for 45 minutes so I should be safe :p) zzzzZZZzzzzz

and i bet you have walked that 45min walk a few times in the past eh?!

no seriously good luck - i came off the champix today so had a full 24 hours of Cold Turkey now. its not so bad, the same psychological battles are still there but i think it lets your brain reacustomise faster (is that even a word?)


I did actually :) a couple of times. This quit is different though, I can feel it in my gut (which will soon be a six-pack due to my wonderful jogging abilities and crazy physical labour this week :p) Congrats on the cold turkey but isn't all the nicotine already out of your system? See I want that too but on the patches I'm still technically an addict. Well one step at a time eh?


Hi Bman :D

Well done coming off Champix this early But I hope you have a few left just in case you need them

Hi Harleyquine :D

Yes you're right about the nicotine being out of the system with Champix as it contains no nicotine at all


Marg xxxxxxxx


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