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My reasons for quitting

Obviously the health and money reasons are a big one. Having smoked for 35 years it is not doing my health any good and I hate to think what I could have bought with all the money I have wasted!! Prefer not to think about that one!

But the main reason is to stop my son getting in to trouble at school. His school is having a big crack down on smokers and he is constantly getting stopped by teachers and having his bag and pockets searched. And yes you guessed it the reason he is stopped is because he stinks of smoke because I smoke 30 a day. I think at 17 he has enough to deal with without getting interigated for something that I do.

Also we have just come back from a week away in a lovely wee cottage in the borders. It was a non smoking cottge so I had to go outside to have a fag and the place smelt lovely. It was fresh and clean and not all stinky like my house. I do clean my house by the's stinky cos of the nicotine!!! :)

So I have been to the doctors yesterday....have collected my Champix and am now just trying to decide on a date to start.


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Hi Carol,

What ever your reasons once you have your mind set on quitting you will succeed, so good luck for when you start your quit.

Good luck.



Hi Carol :D

So you're all set now ready for the quit

You'll know when you're ready and with Champix you'll find that you need to smoke less even in that first week when they say to smoke as normal I stopped on my 9/10th day just didn't want to smoke any more at all




Hi Carol, glad you are joining us. Champix helped me stop and it will you, post often :)


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