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day one eek!!


i have began the journey again for the second time in my smoking career!!! using this time the allen carr easyway book this moment i have over a time of over 2 years got myself into the mess of using nicorette gum to start with & quitted for 13 weeks but i started to smoke & so i became addicted to both!!! so has from last night at 10pm i am attempting the cold turkey/ will power through the help of the book!!! Today i started off so positive then at moments i have been bad tempered & tearful!!! i have cried twice.... but above it all i would probably cry more if i went back to nicoteen in any form.......just before i posted this .. i was doubting my decision thinking maybe im not strong enough, maybe the timeing was wrong!!!& in my head was thinking of getting some fags later!!! crikey its only day 1 .... i feel all positive again now the craving as passed .. thanks for listening ..i hope i continue to remember i am not actually giving up anything xx

last nicotine 10pm monday 15th june

allen carr method - cold turkey eek!!!!

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Hi and welcome to the board kitkat! congratulations in your decision.

Just remember your giving up loads of things but they are all pretty bad things - like smelling bad and looking bad, your giving that up, setting fire to loads of cash, your giving that up, killing yourself, gotta be a good one to give up.

Good luck on giving up!



Hi KitKat :)

Sorry today has been rough at times but well done getting through it and so pleased you feel better now just hang in there you can do this


marg xxxxxxxx


the longest day ever!!!

this has got to have felt the longest day of my life ever!!!! i am so glad it is over!!! - my 2 year old was a mither pot 5 year old is off school with tonsilitus!!! so i prob picked just about the most frustrating day to pack in nicotine ..i fely like a caged animal!!! but at the end of it all - i have learnt that their never is a right time to do it, it will be an emotional ride, it is possible, i am not actually giving up anything just ridding myself of nicoteen

& finally i am shocked at myself for getting through it, if this makes sense to anyone today (day one) i didnt find as easy as the book makes out!! but it was easier to acheive then i though it would be... coz here i am ive achieved it... i know its just one day.... but in my last quit attempt - i have never actually rid my body of nicotine - coz i stayed hooked on the gum N fags until the 15th june 2009 at 10pm .....i know my nicoteen hasnt gone yet & if tomorrow is the same has today i will handle it.. if it is worse i will have to handle it coz i need to do this for me!!!it feels impossible yet so possible ... my other half is so shocked that i have gone the whole day......

anyway probably one of the longest, most confusing posts yet, but dont forget im still under the influence of nicotine xx thanks or listening xx & the support & advice on this board is the best, it never fails to give me courage or pick me up when down... thanks i need thats xxxxxxxxxx


Hiya kitkat, congratulations, you have got through day one, this is the most important day of your quit!, without day one, there is no quit!

You have made the best decision you have ever made and to go nrt free is absolutley fantastic!

stay strong, post often and keep smiling,:)



cold turkey really is the best way to go!

get rid of everything associated with smoking.

drink herbal teas, water, stay away from tea, coffee, alcohol and smokers if you can!

well done!

dont give up!

love jamie



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