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nearly a whole week

day 7 and im really streaming with cold. im not sure if it is cold or whether its hayfever to be honest.. I used to have hayfever years ago but i think i smoked so much in the past that my body was just so desensitised by the smoke that the pollen didnt even touch it!

anyway - still feeling like this is definately my time to give up. Ive never felt so positive about quitting. And if i can get through this cold i think ill be fine.

Im a bit worried like everyone im sure, of getting too complacent and then getting caught out and letting my guard down on a night out but I think as long as I am aware of it being a potential stumbling block thats all you can do really.

nearly a week of being a non smoker - thanks to all who have helped me through this time - its been invaluable support,



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Hi Bman :D

WOW almost a week already that's great well done you

Sorry you have a cold but hey ho you're not smoking with it this time and that has to be good

Just be a little wary on a night out and if you have a drink take it easy, just one or two and then switch to soft drinks to start with [much safer]


Marg xxxxxxx


Well done one whole week things will start to get a little easyer now. Hope the colds not to bad.xxxx


Well done Bman, you are talking in weeks now, how time flies. Your aches and pains are all part of the healing process, will soon be better. I think most people are wary of having a drink in the first few weeks, maybe not too many eh!!!



Well done BMan I have never had hay fever in my life until I quit in February. Its weird isn't it? I was the only one in the household that smoked but I was the healthiest lol. That was until it caught up with me and thought I was going to die, I'm so glad I saw the light and I hope you continue to too :).


well thank god today is nearly over - todays just got worse and worse - feel like death warmed up. have had about 6 lemsip max's and been to bed twice and still feel like ive been bulldosed.

hope this doesnt last for long as its not much fun - still will be on week two when i wake up tomorrow so gotta be worth it all in the long run.

gonna get some more sleep - see you all tomorrow.

congratulations to all those holding through and good luck to all those deciding to start again or quit for the first time.


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