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Start of Week 2 For Me :)


Hello All

Today is start of week 2 of my quit from the dreaded demons.

I have had many ups and downs over the past week and have decided to throw the Champix in the bin and just go cold turkey. I didn't like the way they made me feel (very very emotional with crying, yelling and carrying on). This is VERY out of character for me and didn't like it at all. My husband copped the brunt of it on sunday morning (not that he didnt deserve it LOL) but none the less I felt enough was enough and chucked them straight in the bin. I have kept my next script just in case I need to. This is just the way I feel and If the Champix is working for others, more the power to ya . I just dont think it was right for me.

On Saturday night we had a big night out with lots of family and friends with a nice meal and conversation and lots of great wine BUT NO SMOKES YAY. I can't say that I didnt think about having one or two or even three, but stayed strong (am very proud of myself).

Well I hope everyone is having a great day and Its a beautiful day here in Brisbane (could be warmer I hate winter) but the good thing is that its too cold to go outside for a smoke

Cheers and the best

Robbie xxxxxxxxx

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Hi Robbie :D

Well done at the start of week 2 that's great you have every right to be proud of yourself

Sorry the Champix didn't suit you but like anything else it doesn't suit us all but I think a good idea keeping that script just in case

Also well done on Saturday night for not giving in as you say the thought was there but you beat it off that's great another trigger beaten and each one you fight off the stronger you#ll get and the easier it becomes for the next one


Marg xxxxxx

Well done Hunnie on week two things will start to get a little easyer now. Think the brain starts to get used to it a bit better HEHE. You must do what is right for you and if the champix is not helping you are right not to take them Everyone is diffrent. Congrats anyway on to week three.xxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Robbie

Well done with your quit. Being emotional etc can also be part of the side effects of stopping smoking, so you are right to hang onto your prescription just in case.

Good luck.


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