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4 weeks tomorro

I have been quit for 3 Weeks, 6 Days, 10 hours, 14 minutes and 45 seconds (27 days). I have saved £170.72 by not smoking 685 cigarettes. I have saved 2 Days, 9 hours and 5 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 19/05/2009 07:00

hi well it will be 4 weeks tomorro and i cant believe it yay me ,

i am using champix and have put myself down to just one aday after tea do you think thats ok . dont even feel like i need that one . the reason i stopped the morning one was it made me feel real sick now i am fine a little trouble sleeping but nothing to bad .. i still cant believe how easy it has been even went to a bbq on saturday with lots of smokers and it was fine lolxxxxxxxx

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Hi Val :D

Well done you on 4 weeks quit that's great

Trouble in sleeping is fairly common for us but it will pass also well done on mixing with smokers at the weekend and feeling fine about it

As for the champix if you're alright on just one a day that's fine and you can go back to 2 if you have to

I also used champix to help and stopped altogether at 7 weeks quit plus the one when I smoked with them so if you feel ok just the one is OK you'll know when it's alright to stop them altogether and if you do it to early and feel you need to smoke go back on again


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Hi Val, well done 4 weeks tomorrow it will start to go really fast now. I had to cut down on my champix and took one a day at night but had trouble with the sleeping so I got a pill cutter and had half morning and the other half after tea and that sorted it out.

Dont forget to treat yourself tomorrow you deserve it ;)


thanks mel and margaret

maybe ill try the half morning and half at night because thats the only thing i am suffering from not sleeping . other than that i feel great

my family are all so pleased my elderst boy (23) and his girlfriend bought me a gift as they were so proud of me bless them . so i would feel bad if i let anyone down now (but i am possitive i wont ) this site helps to reading all the stories

so its onward and upwards from now on

val xxxxxx:D:D:D


Hi Val,

Well done you on your quit. Gifts as well, lucky you! It's SO nice to know that people are proud of us & know how hard it is :D

I found after about day 28 that the days have just flown by. Now when people ask I usually reply "It's about......." which is nice.

Love Gaynor.



Hi Val,

Excellent to see you having completed 4 weeks, and sounding so upbeat and positive too. Brilliant stuff, keep it up and the months will soon roll by. :D

Stay strong.



Well done Val 4 weeks is brilliant.

Look forward to seeing you in the coming months :)




i too have been off the cigs for 3wks 6 days too.

sooooo i would like to congratulate the two of us.

looking forward to the next month together.

doey x:D


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