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Hi guys I'm back on day one!

Hey everyone, I have done really well in the past but the nicotine had persuaded me that cigarettes would be a good idea. I'm going on holiday in August, and something in my mind was saying oh you need a cig when your on the beach, so I was going to put off quitting altogether till after my holiday. Now I'm gaining the strength to question these beliefs and I've realised why would I need a cig on the beach, or anywhere else for that matter! The only reason is if I am still addicted. There is nothing good about smoking. I feel so guilty when I wake up from a night out and I have been smoking. I had one today at about 3pm but I am starting my quit from 5pm today as I really don't want one now. I know I can beat this again!

PS I was going along the lines that stopping smoking can make you put on weight. But I have read a lot of articles that say that although smoking can make you have a slightly lower bmi index, it also causes people to suffer from abdominal obesity which is actually what I have got, because my waist is over 35 inches!! Also when I stopped before, my skin and hair looked so much more healthy, so although it may be a little bit vain, this is another plus from stopping.

Hope everyone is doing well!


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Hello Steph

Welcome back. You have quite eloquently put it in a nutshell there, well done. The only reason to smoke is addiction. To break the addiction means not to smoke and to stay smoke free means there is no such thing as "just one".

It sounds like you've got the mindset heading in the right direction, well done.

Stay strong and come August you'll be enjoying your holiday free from the stresses of not being able to smoke in the airport, the departure lounge, the plane, the baggage reclamation, etc. etc. You'll be able to snigger as all those dependent people spill out of the airport and desperately cram in a nicotine fix before they get on the coach for the transfer to their hotel.

There is a whole freedom that you gain being a non smoker!


Hi Steph :)

Welcome back to the forum

I'm sorry you slipped but it really sounds as though you have your head in the right place now

That will be such a big help for you this time around, remember the lessons you've learnt from the slip as well they can also help


Marg xxxxxxxx


Thanks for the advice both of you. Yes I really feel that getting into the right frame of mind is very important. For now at least I'm not going to deprive myself of other things that I enjoy too, like chocolate!! I've got to admit I do feel a little bit down today, quite weepy and emotional, but I know that this is partly because I am in withdrawal from the nicotine. I also know that this feeling went after a couple of days last time. In a way, it actually gives me strength as I am getting rid of the poisons from my body.



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