Champix Day 4 of NOT smoking

Yikes - i can hardly believe it! I'm sitting here in front of my trusty mac in the study and NOT smoking !!!

The vivid dreams, the sickness, the crippling sleeplessness, headaches tried eyes......oh and did I mention the sickness ..urgggg all of which are my near constant companions .... I have decided are all welcome cos they don't leave any room for craving a fag!

That said .... the partners fags are next to the mac with a very handy lighter I SHALL resist.

Deep lung fulls of the fresh stuff only !!!

I'm rambling ..... blame it on the champix ! But I am very comfortably numb.

I await day 5 with some trepidation cos thats the 'difficult' LOL day for me !


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  • Hi Schrodingerscat :D

    Well done you on day 4 that's great just hang on in there

    Sorry you're feeling poorly but none of tham will last for long and as you say at least they lead to no inclination to smoke


    Marg xxxxxxxx

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