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Smoke clinic

Been to smoke clinic today and been told I dont need to go anymore. Been given mine and Marks last script for the champix so Mark has got 2 weeks till he comes off. Ive only been taking half a tab so he can have some extra if he needs them as Ive got weeks left of it lol.

Must admit terrified of going it alone I know it is all in my head but I am still scared. I think I will just carry on with the half tab untill I forget to take it one day :o

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wow Mel well done you, I only took half a tab today and so far am ok, not as sick as before (thank god) and no cravings that I haven't had the will power to fight off.

After all the advice you have given me over the last few days you can do go girl xxxx


Been to smoke clinic today and been told I dont need to go anymore.

Good for you two Mel, you'll be ok. You can be Marks adviser now. After six weeks at the clinic my adviser (very good) said to me (and others) you don't need to come anymore, but, if you feel you need to, or want to, you will be very welcome. I drop in every two or three weeks just to give a bit of support. David


Doing Great...

Hi Trendy, U and Mark doing great now.... Keep up the good work, and the spare tablets knocking around can just be reassuring when days are not to good, which will be few and far between now..... Kaz :p


Thanks guys :) We should be fine after all Ive got you lot to turn to :D


Hi Mel, you are not alone we are all here for you, well done to Mark too.



Hi Mel :D

Glad you don't have to go anymore as know you hated it and you're doing really well OK

Don't worry about coming of it you've time yet and as you said with only taking 1/2 a tablet you've weeks left yet before you have to go it alone

I worried about it as well to start with but it was easy in the end for me as i kept forgetting to take them

Well done to Mark as well Big hug for you both


Marg xxxxxxxxxxx


Hi Mel, that is great news that the smokeing nurse says you both dont have to go any more, that just goes to show how far you have come, and dont worry about coming off the champix, im sure you will be just fine you are doing fantastic!



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