Day 8 and the mother of all triggers and I am still here! Woo hoo

Hi All,

I am in shock! I have managed to get to day 8 and even got through my daughters teenage tantrum!

Firstly, the poor girl could not find her mascara, my fault obviously! And then I had the cheek to say I would not give her £20 as she had already had her allowance. As I am sure you can imagine she was distraught and her emotions got the better of her. Door slamming, high pitched shouting and general mayhem ensued. I have been told that Olivia's mum and anyones mum are much nicer than me, she did not request to be born and she can't wait to move out! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! - She was such a cute baby!! What happened??? lol! :confused:

I still did not smoke though so I am pleased to say that I have resisted my biggest trigger!:D

Hope everyone is ok and still smoke free

Josephine x

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  • Hi Josephine,

    Well done on not giving in to the trigger of the teen tantrum.............been there, done that ,worn the t shirt.......I'm usually the one that missplaces the school tie and it's usually my fault that homework didn't get done, and didn't I know that they were vegetarian for 'weeks now' we are such bad Mother's eh??? !!! lol. Love them really but sometimes could take them back to the shop and ask for a refund............oh I wish

    Just keep your cool and don't let them see they are bothering you...........that usualy spaks off another door banging episode...oh the joys :D

  • Ah, teenagers - doncha just love 'em! Always loved this - and worth watching again ...

    Hi Josephine,

    Well done for getting past that trigger, that will give you added strength to get past the next one. Over a week completed now, great stuff. Stay strong.


  • I think teenagers are very funny but also frustrating at times lol. So far my 14 year old boy has been ok (shh, i don't want to jinx it) just the usual very slight huffs. But my 17 year old daughter is a legend - but I do love her madly and it is funny once calm has been restored! It's all dramarama with her.

    Thanks for that link......Hahahahaha that was so good to watch again! I so relate to it now I have teenagers.

    I love this forum - it is helping me so much, so thank you everyone xx

  • Hi Josephine :D

    Well done you on day 8 and getting through the trigger of a teanage tantrum

    What a pity cute babies have to become teenagers isn't it


    Marg xxxxxxxxx

  • Well done Josephine

    Hi, Josephine. Well another day done & dusted :) Yet more proof that you can get through a stressfull situation without the need of falling back on the dreaded you know what which wouldn't have made a jot of difference anyway LOL. Look forward to congratulating you on day 9 ;) Love. gaynor xx

  • Gaynor - that is so true and getting through each trigger makes me more confident.

    Strange night last night though. I had a fair few evening craves but was fine and went to bed. Woke up at 3am coughing and thought I had had a cigarette and felt really upset. Then realised I hadn't and it must of been a dream. Felt very relieved and went back to sleep but then woke up usual time and had the worst morning crave so far!!!???? I am ok now though just a bit baffled.

    Day 9 - feeling great!!:)

  • Hi Josephine :D

    Day 9 well done you that's great also well done getting through yesterday

    Sorry you had that big crave this morning after that smoking dream although that may bee why it happened, but you're OK now I'm really pleased for you


    Marg xxxxxxxxx

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