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27th day


hi everyone thanks for all your support after my last posting, unfortunately im still not much help to anyone else yet as im still struggling. some days i'm ok and feel like ive cracked it and then its back to total misery. today is one of those days. ive been nicotine free for 27 days , can anyone advise if i had a puff of nicotine inhaler now to get me through, would this be disasterous and put me back to day one or is it better to do that than give up and have a fag. also is there anyone out there that had kind of panic attacks since giving up like your body going into no nicotine shock:eek:


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Hiya Jacqueline. After 27 days I would think using an inhaler would now be a backward step, all the nicotine has well left you system now so why start again, surely you'll want to come off it again sometime. You've done bloody(or should that be bluidy) well jacqueline to be 27 days smokefree. It isn't easy for most people but after going this long can't you struggle on a bit longer love? After saying that, which is a lot for me at this time in the morning, it's your choice. David

Hi Jacqueline. I totally agree with David. You have come SO far allready, Your a day or two in front of me so beating me LOL. It would be such a shame for you to cave in after all this time hun. When I feel a bit iffy I read some of the info on why quit, that usually does it for me as it's so powerfull. I wish you well for today. Love Gaynor. xx

thank you so much

im not going to give in now, i told myself at the beginning of my quit that this is it this time, it would be stupid to have some nicotine now after all this time, im gonna take your advice and read all the info at why quit again and see if that helps x:)

Hi Jacqueline :D

well done you on 27 days quit that's great keep it going

I'm pleased you're going to take the advice of David and Gaynor that would be my advice as well

The reading will help you lots and very soon now it really will get much easier for you


Marg xxxxxxxxx

Deke9 Years Smoke Free

Hi Jacqueline,

Well done on getting to 27 days nicotine free. I tend to agree with the others - whilst anything would be better than lighting up, you'll be much better off getting to 28 days and still be nicotine free. And I'm really pleased to see that you are determined to keep going. Well done. Keep strong.


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