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No Smoking Day
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I cant remember what day im on!!

Hi guys, i cant remember what day im on, i think its day 13 or 14... haha cant beleive ive lost count of something sooo important. Im trying to catch up on my calender, cant remeber when i stopped crossing the days off!!

But im still loving it! Adore being smoke free. Not even craving it as much as i used too, i think its really strange, because my boyfriend smokes i know i can just have one whenever i feel like it! Even at the bad times, but i just dont! Its an amazing feeling!!!!Whoop Whoop!!!!

Went for a couple of drinks last night, first time since i quit! and i didnt want a cigerette or have one!

Ok, i might lie, i did kinda want one, but there where no overbearing feeling of need! which is a good sign isnt it??

I feel my chest is less and less heavy! i can actually breath! and im not even close to being as out of breath i used to be!

And my teeth, they look soo sparkly. My hair smells like herbal essence all the time, and my clothes smell like purfume!

AAgggghhh i cant contain my excietment! IM ACTUALLY DOING IT!!!!!

Thanks to everyone for there support so far!! Fingers crossed no more bad days! smiles all round!!

All my love, hugs and more,

L.J xxxxxxxxx

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Hi LJ,

Wow, just reading all that positivity is great. No way am i forgetting how many days since I quit - but I think it must be a good sign for you, shows that the number of weeks, days, minutes is less important than the fact that you have stopped. And stayed stopped. Great stuff.:D Keep strong



Hi LJ, What a lovely positive post. Am inspiration to all new quitters! I am on day 19, doing well i am glad to say. Still get a bit growly sometimes but other than that it's going great. Keep smiling. Gaynor XX


Well done LJ you are doing really well and i can also tell you are buzzing ;)

Download this and let the computer keep count for you, saves you forgetting ;)



Hi L J :D

13/14 whatever it's lovely that you're so happy and confident with the quit

Already you're feeling the benefits of it and there will be lots more to come yet

Maybe in a funny sort of way your boyfriend smoking is helping you in as much as you know if you're desperate they're there so you haven't needed one [does that make sense to you]

Keep that feeling of excitement and remember it if/when you hit a rough day as it will help you so much


Marg xxxxxxxxxxx


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