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Bank holiday!

Hi Everyone and especially to all mmq crew, 72 days today i think, still have some tough days but definately more good than bad, today is a good day as i just read the latest episode on the banned member!

Although i am still using nrt i have begun to cut down, im determined to succeed and dont ever want to smoke again, but i am not going to rush to go ct, i will eventually get there but i am taking baby steps and each day without a cig is making me stronger even if that day is with nrt.

I have a lot to learn, but after 20 years of smoking 20 a day I will give my body and my mind time to heal from all the effects from smoking.

I am off on holiday this weekend for a wet and wild time in southport, a caravan with four children and not one cigarette! Im sure i will cope, as I know a cigarette wont help or make anything better!

Well thats my post, hope everyone else is ok and hope you all have a great weekend!

take care, x


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Hi Tracey

Have a wonderful time on your break. There is some information in the Help to Stop Smoking section called NRT Patches Cutting Down and Weaning Yourself off written by Bible Black it might be helpful for you.



Still Strong

Ha Ha Tracy, dont worry we are use to Manchester weather, cant be any worse, but sure it will pick up and hope u have a brill weekend smoke free in your caravan... I have struggled of late, not sure why, but still on patches and on last week or so now, maybe cos am going down the strengths, but I am so determined to stick at it.... Good days defro out way the bad now... Congratulations on your quit too, U are doing fantastic:)

Dont worry about the patches We have still quit and the doubters can say what they want, Not smoking is Not smoking, As simple as that.....

Different methods help different people and its the end result what counts and Not how u got there........

Well done to all the MMQs and everybody else doing so well on the forum. Kaz x:)


Hi tracy :D

Well done on 72 days you're doing great

Enjoy you're holiday smoke free HA HA

I just came back from mine and it was wonderful


Marg xxxxxxx


Hello everyone, just wanted to post and let everyone know, ive done it! First holiday away and not one cigarette, the weather has been fantastic, spent the whole weekend doing great family things we had lots of fun, ive tackled the drinking without a cig and it was fine, a lot easier than i was expecting.

I rearly enjoyed filling my time with fun with the children and not having to stop once for a cigarrette.

Well I hope everyone else has had a great weekend!


hi to Kazutd, great to here you doing fantastic, cutting down on patchs and staying strong, well done and thanks for your post!, take care, x tracy


Hi Tracy :D

I'm so pleased you enjoyed your break and the weather was good

It's great to be able to enjoy everything without having to stop for a fag break isn't it ?


Marg xxxxxxxx


Hi Tracy

Welcome home hun. So plwased you had a great smoke free holiday. Good to have you back.xxxxxxxxxxxx


Tracy thats brilliant, goes to show it is possible to have fun without the fags :)


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