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day two .... dont need a smoke yipeee!!!!


hi again well woke this morning and never even thought about a smoke ,

but now an hour later the little nicotine monster is tugging at my mind

i am going to have breakfast take my champix and go for a walk with the dog .

i will not give in to the temptation lol .. ill write later and let you all know how the day goes xxxxx:rolleyes:

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Well done, I hope you have a good day.

Remember the 2 golden rules...

1) A cigarette cannot help you in a given situation. It only means you have smoked on top of the situation.

2) Craves are caused by smoking, not relieved by them. You never had a crave before you smoked your 1st ciggy. The only way to be free of craving is to not take nicotine for a period of time.

Keep it going, read and keep yourself busy.... you're doing great!

Deke9 Years Smoke Free

Hi Val,

Enjoy your walk, and enjoy it more because it's smoke-free.

Well done for getting through your first day. One day at a time, an hour or even minute at a time if need be, and you can kick this addiction.

Yes, the craves will come. Often when a familiar occurence triggers them, and it's something you may well be prepared for. But they're sneaky beggars too, and will creep up on you when you were'nt expecting them. Either way, they don't last long. And each time you beat one you'll be stronger and better prepared for the next.

Keep strong.


Well done you got to day 2 that's brilliant. It will all feel much better the longer you are off them. It's good the read about the addiction it helps to understand what is happening to you. A good site to use is it's full of stories and explanations.

I wish you many more happy non smoking days.


Hope you had a good day, my dog is getting lots of exercise he seems to be losing weight and Im putting it on lol.

made it to the end of day 2

thanks all for your replies . day2 coming to an end now its 11.15 pm and i made it no cigs today feel so chuffed it was a good day the nicotine monster called once or twice but soon went away when i did not answer lol so lets hope tomorro is more of the sam goodnight all sweet dreams:D:D:D

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