going ok

hi all been on champix and this is my first day with out a smoke feeling ok.

not really having cravings not had many side affects only bloated belly and sleepy but i can cope with that ,i was worried about taking it at first after reading some reviews but i think its great i was a smoker for 24 years on 20-25 aday . my partner and kids are really happy that today the house dont smell of smoke lol . well good luck to all love this site think its good to know your not alone :)

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  • Hi Val,

    well done for getting through your first day without a smoke. It's a good feeling and you have every right to enjoy it and feel good about yourself. Have a good day tomorrow too.


  • hi val,,well done on your first day,feels good ,big hug on the way to you,,aaaa thats better,,,you just keep the faith and keep :D:D:D


  • Hi Val,

    Congratulations and welcome I quit using Champix too that was 6 weeks ago so if I can do it you can too, I wil be here to cheer you on:D

    Von XXX

  • Welcome Val..... great job on your first day.... hope second one goes just as smoothly! You are absolutely not alone.... this is a great site. Learn as much as you can about your addiction as it will help with staying focused and go day by day..... good luck to you!!

  • big thank you

    thankyou all for the messages . i do feel quite proud of myself as i have tried so many times and never made it but i feel this time i will .xxxx:D:D:D

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