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Day 7

Hi guys,

This is day 7 for me and am feeling like crap, pounding headache, can't sleep, feel sick with the Champix, although I might add, couldn't have got this far without all this worth it????? all I think about the whole dam day is fags, I go to bed thinking how good I am for not smoking for 7 days, I wake up and the first thing that pops into my mind is fags and oh how I would love one.........when does all this stop

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Good morning Kate,

I am sorry to hear you are having such a rough time at the moment, I didn`t use champix myself but my wife did, she also says it would not have been possible for her to quit with out them, If you have something to eat before you take your first tablet in the morning it should help with the sickness, as for how long the cravings last that is different for every one but generally they start to taper off between 7 and 14 days, But you should stick with it, it really is worth it.



is all this worth it?????

You know the answer to that one already!

You are nearly through the first week, and you don't want to have to go through it again, do you. It does get easier, though there will be times when thoughts of having a cig just seem to dominate everything else. But it does get easier. Keep strong and you will find out for yourself :D.



Haven't done a stroke of work today, have just task avoided and driven girls in the office mental with my constant moaning about fags, they have been great - if I was them I'd shut me in a cupboard till I was over the cravings :D off home now to give myself a good talking to, thanks for the support guys....dya know I would never have got to day 7 without all the support from people on this forum...............big hugs........


Hi guys,

I wake up and the first thing that pops into my mind is fags and oh how I would love one.........when does all this stop

I'm on day 4 and feel the same, Kate. But we must fight it. Seeing you are at day 7 I know I can make it there too. I can't concetrate at work, I can't be creative, I can't take a nap and dream good dreams. But I know what I CAN do. I can beat the Marlboro cow boy. And I'm going to do it.

It must be marvelous to finally feel I don't want to smoke anymore. Keep it up Kate and remember. As pals at week 2 might be the guide for you, YOU are the guide for pals like me, a few days behind.



Hi Kate

I know it is hard not to think about them but we were around them for so long and so often, its only natural that they are on our minds. As the days pass it will get easier and reading some literature to help you understand about the addiction of nicotine would help.

I wish you good luck



thanks guys....we ALL deserve a medal for stopping doc told me that tobacco is more addictive than heroine and therfore much harder to come off :eek: :confused:

Am going to have bath and early night, sooner today over with the better.......tomorrow will be easier am sure....keep smiling guys and don't let the b***ards get you down xxxxxx


well done kate13, 7 days, wow,remember kate,,a crave will go weather you smoke or not,,keep the faith and keep :D:D:D



Hello Kate,

You have done realy well so far keep going it does get better.



Hi Kate,

Im so sorry, i feel as though i have passed my really depressed vibe onto you. You where so kind to me yesterday and all i did was moan, and now i feel awful knowing your having a terrible day!

I took your advise, and i had yet another smoke free day, day 5 now! Do you remember telling me yesterday, "We can do it". Well kate we can, Get today overwith, have an early night! Tomorrow its all about being positive, your words again!!

I hope you have a better day tomorrow, Im thinking of you!!

All my love, Laura xxxx


Hi laurajayne,

Not at all Laura, it was just one of those bad bad days and great today. Went to bed early and although I fell asleep quite quickly I tossed and turned all night, kept thinking (bad idea) how am I EVER going to do without fags, and couldn't get comfy, felt as if I had 10 arms and legs and was very uncomfortable in my own skin.......if that makes sense :confused:

Today is a good positive day, now just have to stop eating......hee hee

Hope your doing good too.....big hugs n kisses xxxx



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