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No Smoking Day
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4 Whole Weeks!

Hi all

I'm a newbie to posting... although I've read alot of the threads which inspired me to join up. You're all such a support to each other and thats great! Reading everyone's different experiences has helped me alot!

My personal story is my 11 yr old Daughter put overwhelming pressure on me and I 'made an enquiry' at our local support group. I decided on Champix as I've tried (and been unsuccessful) on many occasions with NRT.

I'm amazed and delighted at the results. It's not been easy, well... the 'not smoking' part has been alot easier, but the time itself has been riddled with side effects, mood swings, general low mood ... all the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal (I suspect intesified by the fact that I'm internally arguing with myself that smoking isn't so bad after all!) Of course we all know it is or we wouldn't be here would we?

I'm glad to say that I appear to be past that crucial '3 weeks' and emerging out the other side (still a little bruised I might add) but improving. Still taking it one day at a time, I've said too many times before that 'I'll never smoke again' then succumbed to that one drag that starts it all again... This time does feel surprisingly different though. It's difficult to explain how at the moment... when I work out the words without sounding overconfident I'll be happy to share!

Well done everyone for your achievements so far.... and thankyou for sharing your personal stories which have been such an inspiration to me!

Can I join your gang please? :) x

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Hi Martine, Welcome & well done on your quit. I am on day 12 (tomorrow) and am looking forward to when I can post 4 weeks LOL. This site has been so supportive, even if you don't post just knowing your not the only one is a HUGE help. Keep posting :D. Love. G.xxx


welcome to the gang

Hi Im quitting with champix though only the one tab a day after the first two weeks, I would have been 5 weeks but smoked half a cig nearly two weeks ago so put myself back to day one. Feel a lot better this time and like you cant realy explaine why. Keep posting this site is really helpful :)


Hi Martine,

Welcome to the forum. And congratulations on getting through the first 4 weeks of your quit. You seem to have your head in the right place, and good motivation from your daughter too. It all helps. And maybe that's why it feels different this time.

Learn all you can about your addiction - that helps too. If you haven't already done so, check out whyquit.com and woofmang.com , both excellent sites.

Keep strong



Well done Martine and welcome. Your daughter will benefit so much and so will you. You say you argue with yourself that smoking is'nt so bad, trust me it is, I know this because I have one of the diseases, it is a horrible way to live. Deke has given you some sites to read from, they are excellent and will help you to understand what you are going through and make sense of it all.

I wish you many more good smoke free weeks.



Thankyou all for your words of encouragement :D

Jackie, I'm so sorry to hear of your illness. Good for you that you've stopped! What I meant by internally arguing with myself was not necessarily about me as a person and my realistic, sensible view... but the little nicotine demon trying to overwhelm and make me think irrationally. My Dad died of a smoking related illness....He never stopped, despite this... but even that didn't make me stop for good I'm ashamed to admit. I tried.... but the demon was stronger than me at that time, just as it was him.

Please don't think I'm trying to be victim to all this... it's as simple as not putting a cig in your mouth, not lighting it, and not smoking it... isn't it? (thats what a non smoker would say anyway) And thats purely down to me and the choices I make....But then it's hard not having your emotional crutch available when you're feeling your most vulnerable because of it!

I've taken your advice deke and learned what I can about the addiction on previous attempts....whilst burying my head in the sand after I've started again!! I'm refreshing my knowledge right now... thanks for the websites!

If anyone reading is at the 3 to 4 week period and feeling so shocking that the demon might win again.... please let me reassure you, as I'm sure there are many others who will.... It's short lived! Honest....I never believed anyone who told me in my previous attampts, never got past 2 weeks! If you can just get through it it's worth every single tear and tantrum!

I'm feeling so much better every day and after reading the post about 'Trusting yourself'... dya know what? I'm actually starting to ... I'm actually starting to believe I've cracked it. The worst is over... and I'm starting to think like a non smoker.... The freedom is exhilarating!


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