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lots of d.i.y

sorry i have not been on the fourm for some i have been painting and deceration grrrrrrr..had to switch the computer off to paper and paint the walls:eek:

iam 181 days smoke free,,,,

not smoked 5,658 fags,,,

saved £1,358.o7p

and the best thing is i have moved up to the 6 month thread wow,just in frount of my quit mate marg..congrats to you marg,we are getting so near to the pent house;)

some time back i went for some tests with my breathing.also had some tests for my flow/volume ,,got the results back and there is early evidence of emphysema,,knocked me for six,im on an inhaler called [ clenil modulite ]

i pm marg about it and she was very understanding about it,,well at least they caught it in the early stage,,when i think about it.what if i did not stop smoking and just carried on,does not bere thinking about it..i was not going to say anything on the fourm,but some of you could be in the same suituation i was in ,by not knowing there was something wrong with you ,,so if you have quit for good you had better stay quit ,,know matter what and how you feel,,just keep stopped,,i have a 2nd chance,and i am going to make the most of it,,there is more to life than smoking,,sorry i went on a bit,

so you all just keep the faith,and most of all keep:D:D


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CONGRATULATIONS ON SIX MONTHS!!!!!! Sorry to hear about your breathing problem, but glad you caught it early. From what I have heard, it will not get worse as long as you don't smoke. I think all of us that have smoked for a long time have emphysema to some extent. I am planning on going in for a check up soon, but was hoping to wait till I have been quit at least six months. Only 2 more to go. Anyway, again Congratulations TonyX!


Sorry to hear of your problems, Tony (and, yes.... DIY is a problem!).

As the others have said, at least you have quit - the illness will not get worse and you have given yourself a much better chance of a longer, healthier life.

Well done on your 6 months!

Keep the faith.


thank you cjm and jody49,,makes you think why we ever smoked..still keeping the faith and still :D:D:D


Hi Tony,

Congrats on your 6 months quit:D:D and sorry to hear of your breathing problems but they can't get worse now you have quit.

Still keeping the faith and still:D:D

Best wishes



Hi Tony,

I am glad you are back with us mate, sorry to hear about the emphazema, Just make sure you look after yourself and well done on six months :D:D



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