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My decision to stop smoking

Hi Guy's

I have been thinking of the reasons and way's we try to stop smoking! I myself went cold turkey this time round as I did last time round. I've tried many ways patches, gum, reading Alan Carr easy way to stop smoking. I stopped with Alan Carr for 7 weeks gum and patches never got further than 2 weeks.

I had been a smoker for 35years and thought ah what is the point trying to stop. I have been smoking to long for it to make any difference. How wrong of me.

Even having family members die of smoking including my father who was at the tender age of 55yrs. I think I thought it was to late for me then I had another family member die of lung cancer he was 55yrs to. Did this make me stop there and then no it didn't I think I smoked more. I have been nagged over the years to stop. Mum gave up 15 years ago and my younger sister 11 years ago, neither have looked back and both did it cold turkey.

I have to be honest and tell you that I thought about my Dad whom I miss every day he died 15 years ago from colon cancer and he smoked heavy and drank quite heavy too. I'm 7 years away from his age and I thought I don't want my daughter to go through what I went through watching my father disappear in front of me. I then made the decision to stop smoking and I have had some really bad days/weeks but now I have more good days/weeks and it is the best thing I have done for myself. You can not quit, stop for any one else except yourself and I think that is the only way that you succeed I have had family members lecture me about stopping smoking. My husband never been a smoker has in resent years said that he would like me to stop and he and my non smoking daughter were over the moon when I did.

I have succeeded so far with my quest to stop smoking with the support from family, friends and this forum and I wish you all best in your quest to stop smoking. There will be lots of bad moments but there will be more good moments and they will out weigh those bad moments



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Hi Dolly :D

Fantastic post and oh so very true

I also lost family members to smoking related diseases, but did it stop me NO head firmly buried in the sand I went on my way

Like you I carried on until I was good and ready to quit

Family and friends had all tried getting me to quit, but it was useless

Finally I made up my mind after talking to my son Stuart, who used Champix as an aid and 2 months after him I quit and now I feel so much better

Why oh Why didn't I quit years ago, although if I had I wouldn't have met all the wonderful people on this forum,

Thanks Everyone


Marg xxxxx


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