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Aces day 3


Morning all

Yesterday went pretty good did not think about cigarettes to much as i spent alot of the day doing my computer course ive just started.Today feeling good again and this time im hoping not to do day 3 again ever again....

Got a big challenge tonight because im out down town going drinking in ripley.

I know i said i was staying away from the pubs this time,because thats always the place that gets me back to where i am now(day 3 again)

But im really going to get over this obsticle this time.

Im going to stick to using my inhaler

lee x

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Hi Lee :D

Day 3 well done you and I'm pleased to hear you're feeling good

Enjoy yourself tonight but

A word of advice/warning go a bit easy on the booze even with your inhalor in tow, otherwise you know how it could end,limit yourself to a certain number of drinks and then switch to coke or some other soft drink, that way you shouldn't be tempted to smoke


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Thanks for the advice good idea.Yes im planing on not getting too drunk so i can spend some of tomorrow doing some IT work insted of spending the day in bed nursing a hang over all day!:D

lee x

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