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Don't let the little things get you down

:( I got on the scales this morning and was totally p*ssed off, put on a pound and half, I walk 5 miles a day 6 days a week a long with a healthy diet been doing it for 5 weeks now and not a great weight loss. The first thing I thought was " I could smoke a fag " then I thought "You stupid cow, what difference would that Make" It's not going to make any difference still going to be a pound and half more on those bloody scales.

Funny how the brain plays tricks on you. I know I have lost inches from the dieting and walking and I know I feel better for not smoking. So I will not let little things like the scales get me down.

:) Time to smile because I'm now thinking in a logical way, think positive Dolly I have to remind myself of that.

It is good to be able to write on this forum how I'm feeling and get it off my chest. I will keep up the walking and healthy eating and not weigh myself for a couple of weeks, who am I kidding I'll be back on those scale in a couple of days lol :) *hug* x

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Hi Dolly :D

You're right not to let the little things get you down

Enjoy your walking and healthy eating but don't worry to much about your weight

It will right itself again in time OK

I put on weight as well but it's now beginning to come off again, you have to give your body time to adjust and recover from that diet of chemicals you fed it when smoking some of which may well have suppressed your apetite


Marg xxxxxxxx


Dolly, I know what you mean, I have lost 2 stones since christmas, fluctuating like mad at moment, but this week like you really pi55ed off as had put on 4lbs, but in saying that I have not been walking for a few weeks so will have to go back to it.

stay strong

xxxx Pupalup xxxxx


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