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No Smoking Day
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Aces relapse

I broke yesterday in the pub and had about 5 cigarettes very naughty....So thought i would start smoking again!

Had one today and did not enjoy it at all.I hated the tight chest it gave me. Only enjoyed the cigarettes yesterday because i had a beer in my hand....And i dont want to just smoke when im drinking either.

I wanna kick this dirty habit up the ass! So tomorrow im back onto day one AGAIN! grrrrrr. And i will make more time to post in here this time.

lee x

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Hi Lee,

Sorry to hear you're back to day 1 again. You had been doing really well up to last night. Must say, haven't had many drinks since I quit, and none at all in the first month. Certainly made it easier for me. All the best for tomorrow.

Keep strong



Hi Lee :)

I'm so sorry you relapsed while drinking yesterday

Pleased you didn't enjoy the one you had today

Glad you'll be back tomorrow albeit on day one


Marg xxxxxxxx


Well done on deciding to stop again. It might not be as hard this time as you've not got as much nicotine inside you. I also think its incredibly difficult to have the self control when you've had a drink. I'm going out this weekend so I'm going to have something to distract me to make me realise I will regret it if I have one, maybe mints or something... Anyway good luck. Hope o see you on here tomorrow.


Sorry to hear you have had a relapse but well done for kicking it again.

Have to say I didnt give up the drink or even have a break from it. I consider it my only sin now and I wasnt going to sacrifice that for the smokes!! LOL

Give it a go, dont avoid the drinks but enjoy a drink with your inhalator! It is doable!




So sorry to hear you caved Lee

But sooooooo pleased you going to get back on board tomorrow. xxxxxxxxxx


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