No Smoking Day
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Lots been happening since yesterday afternoon not had chance to stop and get my breath thank goodness I dont smoke cos I dont think I would have fitted it in. Just sat down for half hour so thought I would say hi. Got Marks bro in hospital, Mum had problems with the nurse went for a blood test to see how she is doing on the meds and they had trouble again veins collapsing etc and this time she didnt deal too well with it was very dissorientated but got her settled at last. Few other bits in between but all is quiet now.

Mark is still doing well and still has man flu but is at work not sure if we can go and see his bro tonight or not, will wait and see. This week is all drs and hospital and nurse appointment, three for Mum one for Mark and ive got smoke clinic. Plus ive got to be up at 5am to get to my sons to get the kids up and take them to school before going to Mums to get her up and about so think this week is going to be a real tester. So may not be posting as much but will pop and and have a read though :)

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Hi Mel,

A lot on your plate for sure. Hope this week goes ok for you. And well done for getting through it all smoke-free. :D



Hi Mel :D

Sounds like you've really got your hands full at the moment

All that running around just reading about it makes me tired

Do try and make some me time if you can

You're doing great keep it up


Marg xxxxxxxx


Hi Mel,

Marg beat me to it, I wanted to say, try and take at least 5 mins 'me' time in all of this caring you are doing! There, thats two of us who have said it! Yes, there is no time for you to smoke I agree!! xxx


Phew.... I got dizzy reading all of that.... you have your hands full and it does seem like very stressful times... hang in there and know that things would have been worse juggling it all if you were still a smoker! :eek: Hope things get back to normal for you soon!! XOXOX


hi mel

god i thought i had a mad week ahead, but you have alot of running around to do, keep the none smoking up, you are doing so well but please make some time for your self, hope your week goes well,:)


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