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thanks everyone for your recommendations

of the benefits in reading allen carrs book

i used it in conjunction with champix and have found the combination to be a successful one.. including the taking up of smoking for a week (albeit in very very small doses... you see the champix ensured the amount of cigarette usage was kept to an absolute minimal !!! ) and as i read allen's book they were a clear and present reminder of the disgusting taste and bad health and lack of concentration and false sense of security, to name but a few , of what my addiction to nicotine was doing to me

and again

thanks everyone for your support in my becoming smoke free

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Hi Jane :D

You're doing great with your quit well done

Glad you found the combination of champix and allen carr helpful

I read it but after I'd quit and certainly wasn't going to start again to read it but still it was a useful read


Marg xxxxx


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