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A dozen days into my quit

Well I'm a dozen days into my quit, and I feel resolved to keep going, all the way. I still feel a bit low, but it's better than the alternative I guess. Oh it's just started raining, oh well was just going to go for a walk lol. I've just worked out that I've saved £20 so far, yippee! I think I'm saving for an ipod, I'm not sure yet :rolleyes:.

My flat smells very lavendery, it's great. Oh that's another thing, I've really noticed that my sense of smell has come back big time, over the last couple of days especially. All good.

Keep up the quits folks ;)

Love P. x

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Hmmm I can smell it from here. Well done on your 12 days, I wish you dozens more to come.



Hi Paul,

Well done on your dozen sweet-smelling days :D. Have a good weekend.



Hi Paul :D

Well done you on 12 days quit keep going

So you now have a de-cluttered and nice smelling flat great




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