No Smoking Day
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Last day in Week 2

Moving out of this room tomorrow morning and I'm off to week 3 if they let me in:D

Still hanging in there and feeling strong about my quit.

Not to sure if it's the Champix or the stopping smoking but I have been very short tempered over the last couple of days.

Creating mountains out of mole hills but I know it will pass so I will carry on regardless.


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Hi Bob :D

Well done you that's great Big Hug

Don't forget your toothbrush :D

The short temper is fairly common no matter what we use as an aid it will pass soon


Marg xxxxxxxx


Hi Bob,

Well done on completing 2 weeks, and enjoy your stay in the 3 Week room. :D




Well done Bob, two weeks off the smokes is good. Your lungs will be thanking you. Onwards and upwards to week 3 :)


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